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colombia moto adventures

You may have many questions. Here you will find some of the answers to those questions, if by any chance you do not find the answer here, feel free to contact us call us at +57 318 848 1725 or reach us on WhatsApp or Telegram.

  1. What is included in the tour?
  2. How is the weather?
  3. How safe is it?
  4. What kind of motorcycles do we ride?
  5. What should we wear for the tour?
  6. Can I bring someone with me?
  7. What if I damage the motorcycle?
  8. Should I bring cash to the tour?
  9. What if I get a ticket?
  10. Do I have to gas up the motorcycle when the tour is over?
  11. Who pays for our insurance?
  12. Do I need a motorcycle license?

What’s included in the tour?

Everything. ok, not the stuff you buy, but we include:

  • insurance
  • gasoline top-ups
  • pick up and drop off at your hotel or hostel.
  • Lunch
  • snacks along the way
  • helmet
  • gloves
  • disposable rain gear
  • jacket

How is the weather?

colombia moto tours

Usually is very nice, but the weather is not an excuse to cancel or postpone the tour. We ride in all climates, but usually, the weather is very lovely. between 18 to 25 ( 64 to 77) just perfect.

Sometimes we do run into rain, and for that, we have disposable rain gear available on all our motorcycles.

The weather in Medellin is amazing, but we do check it before we go out, we don’t like surprises.

How safe is it?

the ride is safe, the zone we visit is safe, and we do not go into any conflict zones, the peace process in Colombia has made this place paradise (I think) you guys are probably here because you know is now safe to travel to Colombia. Now, I like to make something clear. if you come here for hookers and drugs you may run into trouble, we have seen it many times, when people get drugged and robbed. we don’t hang around those places.

What kind of motorcycle do we ride?

scoot toursAll our bikes are AKT TT200 cc´s, we use these bikes because they are reliable and have both on and off-road capabilities.

Also, our bikes get service after every tour we do. we like to keep them in top shape.


What should we wear for the tour?

Not shorts. hihihi, that is a giving. what we recommend are jeans or cargo pants, the tour will not be doing any hardcore dirt riding so motorcycle boots are not necessary, no sandals you will be fine with running shoes. We will be providing a riding jacket

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, we have no problems with you and someone else riding with us, there will what so ever an extra charge and it can not be a surprise at the last minute. What we mean by that is that when you book the tour you must Expensify if you are coming alone or with someone else so we can prepare accordingly.

What if I damage the bike?

A 500 USD deposit refundable is always charged to your credit card to cover any damages. (don’t worry, we will never overcharge for any repairs on the bikes – we hate gringo pricing our customers)

Should I bring cash to the tour?

We do recommend you do bring some cash, when we ride ourselves we bring about 30 dollars worth in Colombian currency just in case you want to buy souvenirs. all meals and refreshments are covered by your tour price, but we do understand you may want to buy stuff along the way.

What if I get a traffic ticket?

There are speed cameras in some areas but we will make sure we are not speeding in those areas, they are well-marked. since we don’t rent the bikes to you by yourself you can be sure you won’t get a ticket. also is very important that you do have a valid license and your passport with you when you take the tour.

Do I have to gas up the motorcycle when the tour is over?

No, we include all gas fill-ups during the tour and when we finish. We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything.

Who pays for our insurance?

We do. We make sure the bikes and you are well insured. that is one of the reasons you must book the tour at least 3 days in advance so we can do all the insurance paperwork necessary to make sure you are covered during the tour. the insurance will cover you for 24 hours starting 9am the day of the tour

Do I need a motorcycle license?

Yes, you do need a license. but a car license is good to drive a motorcycle. it is very important that you know how to ride a motorcycle. If we see you are not fit to ride your motorcycle adventure tour will be canceled and you will not be refunded any money.

If you have any other questions regarding the motorcycle tour, reach out to us. We are here to answer all your questions and make your experience memorable