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motorcycle tours medellin
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moto ride medellin
motorcycle tour medellin
New friends, new experiences.
Come and ride with us
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Motorcycle adventure tours
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Best Riding Motorcycle Tour Experience in Medellin


You are here because you want the best riding experience. We are here to do with you. We will pick you up at our hotel or hostel, set you up, and then we go off for the most amazing riding experience.

Motorcycle Tour prices start at $185 USD 

All motorcycle tours include:

  • Insurance (not only the basic motorcycle insurance needed by law, but we will also ensure you just in case) 
  • Unlimited kilometers, our rides are usually more than 5 hours, depending on the route we take they can be 100 to 300 plus kilometers.
  • Helmet, Jacket, gloves, and disposable rain gear for just in case (Yes. We ride rain or shine) 
  • Cell phone holder and charger
  • Drybag for just in case you want to buy things on your motorcycle tour
  • Lunch and snacks along the way
  • Gasoline top-up if need it
  • Amazing memories and new friends
  • Max 4 riders per tour + 2 riders from our office (we keep it small and intimate)
  • Tour souvenir


1 Day tours

The best Medellin motorcycle tour. Everything included guided tours

We will like to go to many different little towns every Sunday, so to make it fair for every one we put them all in a bag and make one person make the lucky draw. Given the many options, we have we think is only fair to make it the lottery. Now, we want a make it clear, that all the routes in the draw are carefully planned in advance so there will be no surprises. We have many different choices for the tour we are certain you will enjoy them all.

the tours here

We Ride Safe, The best way to tour the outskirts of Medellin in a motorcycle.

As a rule of thumb, we make our rides very safe, that is the reason why we pick you up at your hotel or hostel and we take you to our place where we will do the safety talk and some coffee and then we hit the road. All our bikes are checked and in top condition for all your rides. 

Amazing views, charming little towns, and amazing roads. I am going to tell you guys a little secret. We began doing this to share our experiences with friends. we don’t do this for the money; we have a couple of companies we run during the week, which is why the tours are offered only Sundays. it’s not about the money, is about the good times. 

moto tours medellin

What can you expect from the one-day motorcycle tour of Medellin?

The objective of the tours is to make you fall in love with Medellin and its proximities. There is so much to see and do around Medellin that one day we promise you… it’s not enough. 

Beautiful backroads with very little traffic, very easy riding, and wicked views. we will stop and many different little local coffee shops and good restaurants in little pueblos. You will able to enjoy locally grown coffee, try new exotic fruits, and many local bakeries full of new flavors.

The tours include pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or hostel at no extra cost so you just relax, we have you covered.  

See itinerary here

The motorcycles we ride

moped tours
All our tours bikes are TT200, these bikes give you all the power you need on and off road to enjoy your moto tour
All the bikes are equiped with sidegards and drybags just in case you want to buy stuff along the way.
All our adventure motorcycles come with dual purpose road tires for better grip and off road
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