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The tours

We offer our tours only on Sundays. Why do you ask? the answer is very simple. We do it as a hobby, we ride every Sunday…Sundays are motorcycle days for us (and Mondays if it’s a holiday) We don’t do it for the money, we do it for the passion we have for motorcycle riding, we do it for all the amazing experiences we had when we ride. We do it because is a way to gain new friends.

All our tours begin and end in the same place. From the top of Las Palmas. We do as little riding in the city as possible.

  • All tours are $185 USD per person to add a passenger is $50 USD extra
  • All tours are on  AKT TT 200 CC
  • All tours are everything included (insurance, jackets, gasoline, gloves, raining gear, lunch, snacks, water, and many other things)
  • All reservations must be done at least 3 days in advance. We are always booked so we recommend you make your reservations with time, also we must set you up with insurance.
  • The tours are rain or shine.

The Motorcycle Tours

La Vuelta a Oriente (our best seller)
La Ruta Lechera

Included in all the trips you will have

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Unlimited refreshments along the way (we stop in every little town and some places along the way to rest and take pictures)
  • Helmet
  • Cell phone charger and holder
  • Drybag for your goodies
  • Disposable rain gear
  • Mandatory motorcycle insurance and day trip insurance
  • Bilingual guide, we will make sure you don’t get gringo priced anywhere. (we pay for all that is included
  • Exotic fruits (trust me we will be many)

The run to the east (La Vuelta a Oriente)

La vuelta a Oriente is a very popular Sunday ride. it’s a local thing to do on Sundays. we will visit various little charming towns and enjoy local foods and pastries.

What to expect from this tour

  • About 150 km of wicked roads
  • Amazing food
  • great memories
  • we will visit 3 towns depending on the weather we may hit 4 towns

The ride will like always begins in Las Palmas, we take the road to El Retiro where we will stop for coffee.

El Retiro is a charming town just on top of Medellin fill with upscale enclose communities, lots of people have been moving to this side of the mountain because of the great weather and closeness to Medellin. El Retiro has a very historic main square, it’s also a town known for its woodwork. Lots of furniture stores and one of the most amazing leather furniture factories in the country.

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Then we will head to La Ceja taking back roads with winding roads with amazing views, when we get to La Ceja, a town with about 57 thousand people and an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level, the weather is a bit chilly to local standards but for us, that comes from the just nippy. The average temperature is about 20 degrees celsius or 68 Fahrenheit. Just perfect.

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From La Ceja we will then be heading to La Union with is the town with the most tractors in the country, they even have a sculpture commemorating tractors, go figure.

moto riding tours in medellin

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La Union

La Union is a charming town known for its potato plantations and live cattle industries. It’s located about 57 km from Medellin. We will be stopping here in a couple of places to have something to eat and if you guys behave we will also take you to a cheese restaurant that is to die for.

The tour will take about 8 hours, we should be back at our place by 5 pm. where we will have a refreshment and then take you to your hotel or hostel in Medellin.


La Ruta Lechera – The Milk Route

Also, known as the Switzerland of Colombia.

San Pedro De Los Milagros – Entrerrios – Don Matias

This is actually on the other side of the mountains from our starting place, so the ride is a bit longer and it’s also amazing. You will be very surprised to see so many different faces of Antioquia. On our way to this tour, you will see a spot where paragliding is very popular.

What to expect from this tour

  • About 200 km + of wicked roads
  • Amazing food
  • great memories
  • we will visit 3 towns depending on the weather we may hit 3 towns.


motorcycle tours medellinWe will leave El Alto de las Palmas to San Pedro de Los Milagros, stopping in San Felix for coffee and a couple of pictures, then we will head to San Pedro where we will be able to taste the best casado which is bocadillo with cheese.

Yes, this simple combination is something you want to try in our tour. ok..if you are lactose intolerant stick to the bocadillo.

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You will discover roads with so many little green hills you will feel in paradise, then we will get to Entrerrios a farming town on the west side of San Pedro de Los Milagros about 21 kilometers from San Pedro you will like you are riding on the clouds.

From Entrerios we go to Don Matias from where we will head home, trust me. You will be tired and happy to have taken this tour, you will have done just over 200 Km in one day. You will have made new friends and new memories.

motorcycle tours medellin

moto ride medellin

Medellin motorcycle tour to Jerico

Jericó is a municipality in Colombia, located in the southwestern subregion of the department of Antioquia. It is part of the Network of Heritage Towns of Colombia.

Jeric limits to the north with the municipalities of Tarso and Fredonia, to the east with the municipalities of Fredonia and Támesis, to the south with the municipalities of Támesis, Jardín, Andes, and to the west with Andes and Pueblorrico.

Jericho is known as The Athens of the Southwest, given the progress and culture of its people; also called the “most beautiful town in Antioquia” for its topography, and republican-style architecture.

The departure to Jericó can take between 4 and 6 hours depending on the traffic, (well for us there is not much traffic, because in Colombia it is legal to go in half of the cars – which for some will seem crazy, for Colombia it is something normal, it is a delicious outing, with wonderful weather, you will not regret doing this tour.

One-day tour to Guatape

visit guatape

La Piedra del Peñol and Guatape are almost obligatory stops for people who come on vacation to Medellin. It’s not that we ride around those parts a lot and when we do we don’t do the normal thing that everyone else does, usually we go to San Rafael, a charming town surrounded by streams and ravines with a wonderful climate and a charming park.